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Connections provides information about Foundation initiatives and new programs and continuing needs of local charities.

Listed within this issue are those organizations that received a discretionary grant during the last discretionary grant cycle. All of these organizations have been researched by our Grants Department, and a summary of their grant proposals is included. As you may see, for many of these requests, we were able to fund only to a certain level. The organizations may still have needs associated with their specified programs.

If you would like additional information about these programs, please feel free to contact the charities directly.

AIDS Resource Center Ohio, Inc. – Campaign for Hope Dental Services
$1,122,133 Total Project Budget
$30,000 Granted

Founded in 1984, the AIDS Resource Center Ohio, Inc., (ARC Ohio) is a community-based organization whose mission is to lead the fight against HIV/AIDS through awareness, advocacy and care. For the 2,085 people living with HIV in Greater Dayton, dental care is consistently identified as a top unmet need, though it is an important aspect of the overall healthcare plan. Funds will be used to build a dental clinic with five service stations as part of ARC Ohio’s comprehensive services to HIV-positive individuals.

Bill Hardy, President and CEO, (937) 510-9229,

Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm – STEMing Science into Conservation Action
$245,250 Total Project Budget
$10,000 Granted

Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, a 200-acre nature sanctuary and working sustainable farm of the National Audubon Society, provides activities that increase understanding and preservation of the planet by children and adults through education, research and recreation. Funds will be used to expand Aullwood’s STEMing Science into Conservation Action program for six Dayton Public Schools and the Adventures School Program, allowing students from four schools to participate in multiple field trips, school visits by outreach naturalists and the integration of science proficiencies through teacher training.

Alexis R. Faust, Executive Director, (937) 890-7360,

Brukner Nature Center – Interpretive Building Main Floor Transformation
$400,000 Total Project Budget
$14,000 Granted

Brukner Nature Center, located in Troy, promotes the appreciation and understanding of wildlife conservation through preservation, education and rehabilitation. Funds will be used to renovate the main floor of the Center’s Interpretive Building, which educates visitors about wildlife conservation and encourages outdoor exploration. In addition to inspiring a respect for wildlife and wild places, the renovation project will decrease operating expenses and increase program revenue.

Debra Oexmann, Executive Director, (937) 698-6493,

CityWide – Westwood Neighborhood - Community Organizing and Capacity Building
$30,000 Total Project Budget
$7,500 Granted

CityWide is a 40-year-old nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen Dayton through strategic economic and community development. The Westwood neighborhood in Dayton is a low-opportunity area with high unemployment rates, significant housing foreclosures and poor education outcomes. Funds will be used to develop a community improvement strategy for this area through partnerships with the Wesley Center, Westwood PK-8 School, St. Benedict the Moor Catholic School, the Dayton Police Department and Rebuilding Together Dayton. By working together, CityWide hopes to build a safer and more united neighborhood for Westwood residents.

Steven Budd, President, (937) 853-2547,

Dayton Metro Library – Imagine! Portal for Children at Main Library
$280,000 Total Project Budget
$35,000 Granted

Funds will be used to enhance the Imagine! portal at the new Main Library building in downtown Dayton. The Imagine! portal is an innovative and educational space designed to inspire children with hands-on activities, an expanded collection of books, enhanced technologies and engaging programming. Funds also will support the purchase of educational technology and software, early childhood manipulatives and curriculum tools for librarians and area educators, creating an environment that supports academic and recreational learning activities for children and families to better meet community need.

Timothy Kambitsch, Executive Director, (937) 463-BOOK,

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance – Q the Music: 2015-2016 School Year
$200,642 Total Project Budget
$25,000 Granted

Q the Music is a tuition-free, after-school string orchestra program that supports the musical, academic and social growth of at-risk youth in Dayton. Created in collaboration with Dayton Public Schools and East End Community Services and first introduced to third grade students at Ruskin PK-8 School in 2012, the program encourages family involvement and helps youth see possibilities beyond their current circumstances. The Dayton Foundation’s grant and other funds will be used to expand the program to include sixth grade students, adding 15 new musicians to the 72 current participants.

Paul Helfrich, President/CEO, (937) 224-3521 ext. 1108,

Discover Classical WDPR – The Marsha Enterline Memorial Performance and Production Studio
$125,000 Total Project Budget
$25,000 Granted

Discover Classical 88.1 and 89.9FM is Dayton’s non-commercial, public radio station devoted to classical music and fine arts information 24 hours a day. In the spring of 2015, Discover Classical received a bequest of a Steinway concert grand piano from the estate of longtime supporter Marsha Enterline. Funds will be used to build The Marsha Enterline Memorial Performance and Production Studio to house the piano and create a recording, broadcast and performance space for performing arts partners, locally produced programs and the community.

Shaun Yu, Executive Director, (937) 496-3850,

4C for Children – Building Business Foundations for Quality
$80,000 Total Project Budget
$20,000 Granted

4C for Children was founded in 1972 for the purpose of coordinating, planning and advocating quality child care for working families. Funds will be used to implement a new program to help early childhood center directors build foundational best business practice skills so they can successfully manage, sustain and lead quality care and education programs. The program looks at three components necessary for successful management and financial stability: full enrollment, full fee collection and revenue that covers the full cost per child. While these critical items may seem simple, many child care administrators don’t have systems in place to manage them.

Lorna Chouinard, Director of 4C Miami Valley Services, (937) 723-2713,

Learning Tree Farm – Nature Preschool
$123,605 Total Project Budget
$20,000 Granted

For 42 years, Learning Tree Farm has offered hands-on learning experiences for children and families in a traditional farm setting. Funds will be used to build a Step Up to Quality preschool for three- to five-year-olds and use the same curriculum in partnerships with local Head Start programs in surrounding areas, providing opportunities for children to be active and engaged in exploring the environment. Beginning in the fall of 2016, children will interact with nature on the 85-acre farm to connect learning outcomes with health, wellness and future school success.

Loralynn Hickey, Director of Farm Operations, (937) 866-8650,

Life Enrichment Center – Nonprofit Shared Services Center at LEC
$40,000 Total Project Budget
$10,000 Granted

Life Enrichment Center (LEC) is a faith-based, nonprofit organization practicing servant leadership as a model of personal and community transformation. Funds will be used to help the Nonprofit Shared Services Center, located within LEC, with infrastructure and support for shared office space for eight additional nonprofits. This enables participating nonprofits to share high quality resources, professional services and even support personnel, making critical resources more affordable and accessible and allowing them to focus limited resources on serving their mission.

Jeffrey Sorrell, Executive Director, (937) 252-5700,

Life Essentials – Adult Guardianship Expansion into Greene County
$60,000 Total Project Budget
$15,000 Granted

Life Essentials has a 25-year history of providing guardianship services to Montgomery County adults who are mentally incapacitated. Its programs serve the community’s frail and forgotten residents, who live in isolation, cannot advocate for themselves and are seeking to further their own recovery by participating in peer support training. Through the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association and the Probate Judge of Greene County, Life Essentials is expanding these vital services into Greene County. Funds will be used to help with this expansion.

Linda Roepken, Executive Director, (937) 586-0545,

Muse Machine, Inc. – Arts-based Literacy Program
$116,650 Total Project Budget
$27,000 Granted

Funds will support a pilot arts-based literacy program for 375 fourth through sixth grade students and 15 teachers at River’s Edge Montessori School and Edison Elementary School. The program aims to boost literacy acquisition skills and promote positive learning attitudes for at-risk youth through engaging, in-school, experiential arts programming and field trips to neighboring arts organizations. The program will partner with the Dayton Art Institute, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Human Race Theatre Company and Victoria Theatre Association to bring the Kennedy Center’s arts-integration program to these two schools that have not performed well on student achievement tests.

Mary Campbell Zopf, Executive Director, (937) 222-6873,

Pink Ribbon Girls – Expansion of Simply Fight! and NO Age NO Stage Programs
$126,000 Total Project Budget
$15,000 Granted

The Pink Ribbon Girls’ mission is to help ease the minds of individuals and families who are directly affected by breast or other reproductive cancers through direct services and support. Funds will be used to expand the Simply Fight! and NO Age NO Stage programs, which offer free services, such as healthy meals, house cleaning, transportation to treatment and peer support, into Preble, Darke and Miami counties.

Heather Salazar, Executive Director, (937) 350-6767,

Reach Out of Montgomery County – Reach Out West: Wellness Center
$150,000 Total Project Budget
$15,000 Granted

Reach Out of Montgomery County is one of the largest volunteer-based, free medical clinics in Ohio and the only free clinic with an attached charitable pharmacy. Funds will be used to help refurbish a 1970s fire station in rural Montgomery County to establish Ohio’s first alignment of community health services through a collaborative partnership with the Jefferson Township Fire Department and Reach Out’s free health clinic. The facility will help develop collaborative wellness programs, replacing the idea that the emergency room is the only place to seek health services. Additional support services will be available for residents who have used emergency healthcare services through follow-up visits by Jefferson Township medics.

Sharon Sherlock, Executive Director, (937) 258-2000,

Rebuilding Together Dayton – Fix-It Kits
$150,000 Total Project Budget
$15,000 Granted

Over the past 20 years Rebuilding Together Dayton has been providing home repairs at no cost to low-income elderly homeowners in Montgomery County. Funds will be used to recruit and train volunteers to install “Fix-It Kits” to help seniors improve the health, safety and energy efficiency in their homes. Items in the kit could include non-skid strips for bath tubs, furnace filters, smoke detectors, window caulking tubes and programmable thermostats. The organization will serve as a partner with CityWide and focus on homes in the Westwood neighborhood.

Amy Radachi, President and CEO, (937) 223-4893,

Sinclair Community College Foundation – Health Sciences Center
$31,500,000 Total Project Budget
$100,000 Granted

Founded in 1887, Sinclair Community College is the second largest institution of higher education in Southwest Ohio, serving more than 31,000 students annually. Health Sciences is one of the largest divisions of the College, offering 41 degree and certificate programs. Graduates of these programs are critically needed by Dayton-area employers. Funds will be used to help construct a Health Sciences Center that will enable inter-professional education and training of healthcare workers who must practice in an industry that is increasingly moving to a coordinated care model. The Center will integrate programs currently located in nine separate buildings into one renovated facility with state-of-the-art labs, simulation centers and new clinical spaces to provide care to the underserved and additional clinical experiences for students.

Madeline J. Iseli, Vice President for Advancement, (937) 512-2510,

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